Mitantara na mampiseho mifanohitra amin'ny fandraisana anjara

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I'm a huge fan of Tom Peters. Like Seth Godin, Tom Peters has mastered the art of communicating the obvious effectively. I'm in no way trying to disparage their talents. I've found this talent in many leaders that I've worked with – they are able to take an incredibly complex issue, and simplify it so that the problem and the solution become very clear to all involved.

Here's a great quote from a Tom Peters clip on Youtube. Ironically, the words are not Tom's, and the clip wasn't posted by Tom, but it's simple and worth blogging about:

  • If you tell someone, they'll forget it.
  • Raha mampiseho olona ianao dia mety hahatadidy izy ireo.
  • Fa raha ampidirinao izy ireo dia ho takatr'izy ireo.

Great message, and one that you've no doubt heard your entire life. The question I would pose is how does this relate to media and marketing? I've been evangelizing about blogging for a while, but simply put… it's a medium that tafiditra people rather than simply showing or telling them. The ‘revolution' that is blogging is not in the text on screen, it's in the involvement of the community.

Don't take my word for it, here's a great article from ClickZ that Pat Coyle forwarded to me.

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